Rahul offers Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian cooking classes.
Vegetarian Classes:
India is deemed as the culinary heaven for Pure Vegetarians. Indian vegetarian dishes are tasty as well as nutritious. Though there are regional variations, generally Indians like their food hot and spicy. We add a number of spices, mostly home-processed to give an exotic look, feel and taste to our vegetarian dishes. Also we adopt different methods of cooking to create our own culinary identity all through the globe. Here we are showcasing a number of tempting, tasty and mouth watering cuisines.

Non-vegetarian Classes:
Indian Non-Vegetarian cuisines are designed mainly around eggs, mutton, chicken and fish. There are quite a number of Indian Non-vegetarian dishes reputed all over the world like Biryanis, Tikkas and Kababs. We are showcasing a list of Non-veg dishes that can be served as main course meal, snack or accompaniment. Also, different methods of cooking like Tandoori, Deep Frying etc adds variety and exotic taste to the items we prepare and serve. We train our students to be really an expert chef of Non-veg cuisine.

Class Schedule:
Classes are held in 2 batches 11.30am – 2pm and 6pm – 9pm.
We use mineral water for cooking.
Also note that drinking water is included in the package.

The fees are 1,500/person for a 3 hour course.
In each class, we prepare 5 dishes including 1 bread and 4 types of curries.
For the veg course, veg menu will be provided and likewise for non-veg course.
You can choose between Goan and North-Indian cuisine for the course.